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Wisconsin Children's Court Improvement Program E-Learning Project

E-Learning Activities

Click here to view e-learning activities related to court proceedings in Chapter 48 cases.


Welcome to the Wisconsin Children's Court Improvement Program (CCIP) website for the CCIP E-Learning Project. To access training modules on child in need of protection or services and termination of parental rights court case processing, as well as other child welfare specialty topics, click on or hover over the E-Learning Activities icon.


Send an email to CCIP staff with comments or questions about the CCIP E-Learning Project.

Bridget Bauman, Director
Kristen Wetzel, Legal Advisor
Justin Wolff, Legal Advisor
Anne Hines, Program Assistant

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions, such as whether educational credits are available for time spent viewing the learning activities, can be found by clicking on the icon above.

Training Calendar

The Training Calendar displays state and national educational programs, available to judicial officers and staff, that are sponsored fully or in part by the Children's Court Improvement Program grant. Click on the Training Calendar icon above to view a complete listing.


Click on the icon to access websites and training documents on child welfare legal and judicial issues.

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   Judicial Education Credits
   Wisconsin judicial officers may earn two
   Judicial Education Credits during each
   six-year reporting period for viewing all
   19 of the CCIP E-Learning activities.  

About CCIP

The Children’s Court Improvement Program (CCIP) is a federal grant awarded to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Director of State Courts Office to enhance the processing of child welfare cases in the court system. The CCIP E-Learning Project is one of several activities supported by CCIP funding. Visit the CCIP page on the court system's website for more information.

Legal Disclaimer: The materials and e-learning activities contained on the CCIP E-Learning Project website are designed to provide general educational information on child welfare proceedings in Wisconsin circuit courts. The e-learning activities should not be considered legal advice. The information on this site should not be a substitute for an individual’s own legal research and analysis, and you are cautioned to always refer to primary sources for the most current statutes, rules and case law for use in legal proceedings.